1. Locate a good surface in between the carburetor and the crankcase. (Either side is fine) certian engines have a spare lug to accept the boost bottle such as this generic OFNA .28. Any area on the throttle body will do, just as long as the fitting can fit (please see below) .
2. (Below) Begin the tapping process by using a 5-32 drill bit and drill a small hole into your throttle body.
3. (below) Now you have drilled the hole, vacuum the flakes of metal away and prepare for the tapping process.
4. (Below) Use a 10-32" NF tap to thread the inlet. Go about 3/4" into the inlet. Avoid going any further. You don't want to bottom out on the other side.
Also, use a spray lubricant on the threads, this will act as a 'cutting fluid' to make a nice even thread. (We sell these tap kits in our hardware section)
5. (below) The threaded inlet is finished.
6. (Below) Use a handheld wrench or even some needlenose pliers to tighten the fitting. This is a very tiny fitting. You must be able to feel the tension with your hands to judge the tightness. Tighten until firm. Thats enough. Anymore, and you may strip the threads. Remember, this piece is under suction most of the time, so dont fear it will blow out somehow.
7. (below) Push the hose onto the barb and test run! You can also screw the compression ring on at this point to secure the hose to the barb. Enjoy!!!!