Introducing NITRO Boost bottle kits for the smaller scale hobby engines. Adding a Boost bottle to your nitro engine will improve overall perfornace from idle to Top-end. The bottle acts as a storage area for methane fuel molecules while your piston is blocking the intake port during the intake cycle. In the past, users were forced to be stuck with a rich burning engine in order to hit the top end RPM's they desired, while sacrificing a pleasant idle and low-end acceleration. Adding our boost bottle kit to your Hobby engine is the solution to the nagging problem of bogging, sputtering, heavy exhaust smoke, rough idle, hesitation, etc. So now you can have the best of both worlds!
As the engine draws fuel and air in through the carb on the intake cycle, the spark plug fires this mixture forcing the piston down and sucks a small amount of air into the carburetor for the next intake cycle. As the piston and crank bottom’s out on the bottom of the cylinder, the piston begins to make its return upward. As this cycle is happening, the piston pushes air back through the carburetor naturally under pressure. This action creates a reverb effect and causes the air / fuel mix to become double rich as by now it is processed TWICE by your carbs fuel jets. Most commonly, this results in rough idle, hesitation, bogging, and the ever-so- frustrating: Sputtering at top end. The reason the sputtering and bogging is happening is because of the double rich mixture. Heavy exhaust smoke, heavy engine loading is often looked at as too much oil / fuel ratio, bad carburetor, etc. While this may be one of those problems, it often is not. Your engine is actually choking itself out with a rich fuel mix! The installation of our Boost Induction Systems™ Boost bottles eliminates this nagging problem. (Hence the location of the inlet) Our Patent Pending Internal Metering System™ Automatically adjusts itself to work with your engines compression and carburetor. Our bottles will eliminate the reverb caused by your pistons return to top dead center (TDC) and remove the double mix! Now, with the bottle installed, operators are now no longer fooled by the double rich mix. This now allows proper adjustability of the carburetor! Tired of sacrificing top end speed for low end? Or low end speed for high? That’s because you have a double rich mix.You cannot have one or the other without a proper Intake booster (Boost Bottle)


No, you do not need to refill the boost bottle as their sole purpose is to even out your fuel mix and apply the right amount of pressure to let you carburetor breathe better. Once your boost bottle is mounted on your engine, please do not remove it. It will outlast the life of your engine and can be transfered from one engine to another for years to come. It does not need to be refilled.


IF YOUR ENGINE BRAND IS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: OFNA, O.S MAX, HOBAO, ERC, NITROTEC, LOSI, NOVA ROSSI, KYOSHO, RDL, EXCEED, etc it will fit. If your engine brand has not been mentioned, it's OK. We can't name them all. Just check and make sure there is ample space to tap a 5/32" hole in your throttle body. if there is space, it will fit!

RED R/C Nitro boost bottle w/ fitting
Don't forget your drill / tap set!
Installation Diagram