For R/C: (see below) This Nitorous kit can be activated by using a 3rd channel servo and posistioning the trigger assembly as seen in the photos. (experienced only)
For Scooters / Pocket bikes: Can be mounted on the Handle bars and shot manually. Velcro straps provide speedy refill time. Shots go off in induvidual intervals.
(Please let us know your application so we can provide enough line with your kit)
Finally, REAL Nitrous Oxide at an Affordable price!!


Finally, a NOS kit everyone can afford! No longer do you have to spend $100 to own a Nitrous Oxide kit for your pocket bike, scooter, or ANY application for your hobby! Let your imagination run wild with this kit. The kit features our own BIS-RACING« technology. Our Nitrous kits come with high pressure Tygon tubing, and comes with a pre-tapped air filter, ready to clamp and go! (1-1/2" clamp diameter.) This kit includes:

1. Detailed instructions

2. Velcro Brand straps.(for quick reloading)

3. 6 zip ty's for mounting.

4. NOS dispenser with trigger lockout.

5. Tapped Air filter with pre fitted Angle fitting. "Clamp and go!"

6. 5 FREE X-Large16 gram nitrous tanks. Need more nitrous tanks? Check em' out in our store! We combine shipping!!!

This Kit will fit:

ANY SCOOTER / POCKET BIKE / MOPED / GO KART, GO-QUAD, GO-PED, ETC. WORKS FANTASTIC UP TO 250cc! Any engine over 250cc, will still work, but the performance will begin to drop because of the higher intake rate of air/ fuel ratio.


Riding a gas scooter could be dangerous and serious injury or death is possible. Wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet at all times when riding a gas scooter. Be sure to always wear the chin strap securely buckled. Failure to wear an approved helmet may result in serious injury or death. Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility. The risk of accident is dramatically increased in wet conditions. Riding at dusk, after dark, or at times of poor visibility is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death since cars and other vehicles may not see rider. DO NOT USE ON PUBLIC ROADWAYS! Inhaling the contents of the nitrous tanks will result in severe brain damage, or even death. We are not responsible for any mishaps to rider / purchaser. By buying this item, you are over the age of eighteen. (21 in Ohio) Rider/buyer and parents accept all risks.