Finally, REAL Nitrous Oxide / Bottle combo for MOTORIZED BICYCLE ENGINES!

ADD up to 1/2-1HP INSTANTLY, and acceleration time cut by over 35%!

BIS-RACING is now not doing Team Edition kits by custom order any longer. It's time has arrived. After countless hours, and years of development, Our technicians here at Boost Induction Systems have engineered a mind boggling upgrade that will leave the competition in its wake.

Indroducing the VIPERFORMANCE® 3 in 1 Boost Bottle / Nitrous Combo kit! It is designed for the sMOTORIZED BICYCLE LINE. It will bolt on directly just like Our conventional Dual Boost Bottle upgrade will. Our team has completely redefined and tweaked the bottle's metering system to accept the Nitrous Oxide by injection. When the Nitrous is triggered, the force of the compressed nitrous shot is pressure - metered for optimum performance. The metered shot will automatically give your engine only what it can use without causing any damages. When the NOS is shot, (By the operators request) The pulse pulls additional 2 cycle oil from the boost bottles and pulls it into the cylinder. This adds extra lubrication needed for Nitrous applications on High Performance hobby motors. The most common Nitrous approach is for the operator to apply a fitting affixed in front of the carburetor and spray through the carb. This is O.K. for a boost in power, but it is not effecient as the Nitrous is wasted by over 25% by thinning air / gas mix. The way this kit is setup, is it enters the bottles metering chamber, passes through and enters the manifold BEHIND the carburetor. This "Breach" avoids the hassles of troublesome carburetor adjustments such as being forced to run a rich jet adjustment. This kit is both a DUAL BOOST BOTTLE AND A NOS KIT!!! 3 in 1! Save time and money! save over 30% by buying a complete kit! The tanks are disposable, and are used once. No refilling, no hassles. Simply replace with a fresh tank each time. The bottles will last the life of your engine just like our original boost bottles. No difference. When you are not using the NOS, You have the boost bottles there to back you up! For more on how our boost bottles work, please refer to our other auctions. Here are a few examples of this kit that will leave customers speechless.

-REAL 100% Medical grade Nitrous oxide.


Kit includes:

5 Nitrous oxide 16 gram tanks. (lasting 8-10 shots) (that's a half case!)

-6 zip ty's for mounting.

1 NOS injector Kit

2 B-I-S BILLET ALUMINUM Boost bottles with all fittings. (pick your color!)

DUAL Pre-tapped manifold "Direct bolt on"

4 FEET of airline tubing to provide reach to your handle bars / engine!

Detailed Intructions on how to shoot NOS and installation instructions to ensure a rock solid fit.

This Kit will fit:

IF YOUR ENGINE IS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: GRUBEE SKYHAWK, SPOOKYTOOTH CYCLE MOTORS, CHINA GAS, ETC. If your model is not mentioned, most likely, your engine has this manifold. Take a good look at it and match for comparison. Email us if you are not sure!.


Riding a gas scooter could be dangerous and serious injury or death is possible. Wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet at all times when riding a gas scooter. Be sure to always wear the chin strap securely buckled. Failure to wear an approved helmet may result in serious injury or death. Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility. The risk of accident is dramatically increased in wet conditions. Riding at dusk, after dark, or at times of poor visibility is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death since cars and other vehicles may not see rider. DO NOT USE ON PUBLIC ROADWAYS! Inhaling the contents of the nitrous tanks will result in severe brain damage, or even death. We are not responsible for any mishaps to rider / purchaser. By buying this item, you are over the age of eighteen. Rider/buyer and parents accept all risks associated after payment is received from this listing.