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Welcome to Boost Induction! (BIS-RACING for short) Boost Induction Systems started back in 2003.
In that time we have come a long way! The beginning prototypes of plastic style bottles were painted and decals were applied to show a crafty finish. These bottles actually worked and did their job until the appearance factor came into play. As our business was growing, we had email, phone call, letters, etc. One after another as a request for aluminum alloy boost bottles. Painted plastic grew old amongst our customer base. In fact, we grew less eager to sell them. Because we want quality and craftsmanship to be our main goal. As customers grew hungry for 'metal' bottles, so did we. We decided to make a "make or break" Investment and partnered with U.S machining shops to make the first "REAL" billet aluminum boost bottle kit..... The first in it's class... But affordable to our customers? Well, that was another challenge.. After countless hours of developing / breaking molds, we came up with a blow-mold to design an all aluminum one-piece boost bottle. which is virtually 100% aluminum, and seamless 360 degrees! this ELIMINATES vacuum leaks, and provides guaranteed performance and appearance. Our boost bottles will not swell, split, discolor, or corrode in the lifetime you own them! That's a promise! Remember, Boost bottles are a fantastic upgrade. make sure your investment not only looks fantastic, but will last forever!

Return Policy: We will accept returns within 14 days of payment. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it the address on the package for a full refund.

Thanks for choosing BIS-RACING!

Customer service Phone: 1-407-409-4073

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